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Email Marketing

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  • June 12, 2020

Effective Email Marketing Service

W3Champs, is one of the leading Digital Marketing Agency that can help you boost your conversion with email marketing service.

Why You Need Email Marketing Service?

Email Marketing Service to engage subscribers, nurture leads, send beautiful, responsive emails and track results.

Email Marketing

One of the oldest tricks of the marketing game

When you hear the term “email marketing” the first thing that might come to your mind is the spamming of your mailbox with irrelevant content. But, that is not so. There is more to email marketing. It is a tried and tested method that allows businesses to reach out to the target audience and build relationships with their existing and potential customers. It saves you from the cumbersome tasks by delivering bulk messages to the targeted group of people. The purpose of email marketing can be to advertise the brand or business, make the receivers aware of your product or service, and also send business invitations. Any email that is sent to one or many customers, potential or existing can be classified as email marketing.

Our marketing strategies

Using the right strategy to improve your business and increase customer reach is important. Email marketing, when mixed with a good strategy, can improve your engagement with both existing and potential customer base. Each strategy is handcrafted as per your needs and requirements. These are as per the latest trend and requirements of the customers.

However, we also believe that email marketing is not just limited to the content. What catches the attention of the reader is the visuals and presentation of the content. This makes the reader more vulnerable to go through the email. We assure the responsiveness of the email.

We also help you get your performance results of the reach and engagement of the strategy that we have created. This content is relevant to your business and is meant to engage the customer base.

Benefits of email marketing

The popularity of email marketing among the other modes is higher because of its efficiency and the many benefits that it provides to the business. However, to understand the demand for email marketing, it is important to analyze the many benefits of using this method.

We offer you customized services at reasonable costs. These will help you be better than your competitors and also improve engagement with the existing and potential customers.


There sure are other platforms that help the marketing strategy reach a huge mass of people such as social media. However, here, you cannot know who is reading your content.

In the case of email marketing, you can send out emails to only the interested group of people. This will help you analyze the reach of the marketing strategy and its effectiveness.


If the subscriber receives messages they are not interested in it, they often end up blocking the sender. To avoid this, the best way is to target and send your messages only to people who are interested in your product or service.

With the help of the information of the subscribers, it is easier to find out the group of people that are interested and might be interested. For example, your business deals with accessories, your email should reach only to the group that is interested in this market and also the potential customers.

This tactic works better and improves engagement when compared to the traditional method of sending the same message to all subscribers.


The more people come to know about your brand the better. It is pretty easy to forward emails to your friends and relatives. If the content of the email is appealing to the consumer they are likely to forward the messages to others to share with them a deal, product, or even service. This will improve your reach and create an influence on a larger group of people.


Each business, small or big has its main focus on profit. Profit occurs when you get higher than what you had invested.

Such is the case of email marketing. It gives you a higher reach in terms of people and this makes the investment pennyworth.


The main importance of email marketing services is its cost. The price of marketing through the mode of email is much cheaper than other methods that involve other costs such as billboards, flyers, etc. However, there might be a small amount that you would have to pay to send emails to a large section of people but, it is affordable and pennyworth than other ways of marketing.


Another major advantage of email marketing is the ease of tracking the reach. This is possible using almost all the email marketing software. This would also help you modify your strategy by knowing where it is going wrong and can improve.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Email Marketing Services

The most important factor to grab the attention of customers is to send emails that they can relate to and are relevant to their field of interest.  If you ensure the two points stated above, you are likely to get customers to read the content. This is because customers tend to click on topics or appearances that seem attractive and relatable to them. For this, you need to step in the shoes of a customer and think from their viewpoint whether or not your email’s content and visual appearance make you want to read it.

The frequency of emails varies from industry to industry and it usually would take you a few attempts to figure out what works best for you.

Normally, people remember the brand name and the products and services it offers after receiving about a mail or two per month. However, three emails develop a connection between the brand and the customer. Although more than three can cause nuisance and there are chances the customer might mark you as spam and also unsubscribe from receiving any emails.

There are endless possibilities to bring out creative, attractive, and meaningful content from the resources available to you. These resources also include pictures, videos, and templates. These are a way of visually attracting the customer. It is important that it answers the questions of your customer and provides a brief yet clear message for them to understand.

It is as necessary to keep your text short as customers tend to ignore the long texts sent. Talking about the visual text, you need to ensure that the visuals are not too overwhelming as it would become annoying that influencing and also wouldn’t be too appealing for the customers.

The user will click on your email after looking at the subject. It is important to make the subject to the point. This means that it should describe the content and motive. Along with this, the subject should be intriguing to draw the reader’s attention.

Your call to action should necessarily be self explanatory. This means that it should be clear about what you expect your customers to do. For example, “Click here to register”, “Shop Now”, etc.

It should preferably be on the top of your email for the readers who are not likely to read the complete email and wouldn’t even be reaching the bottom of the text.