Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

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  • June 12, 2020

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Our PPC agency creates the right mix using Google and social ads.

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Which are the PPC services that we provide?

Our PPC agency situated in Delhi NCR provides various services. These are:


A thoughtfully created PPC strategy is the essence of effective marketing. Our main focus through the strategies we create for your business is the audience and bringing them to your landing page. We create ads for you that is effective in terms of attracting the existing and potential clients. These include careful use of keywords and an optimized landing page.

We choose the right words and phrases to connect with the audience. With this creative content, we persuade the customers to consider your product and understand its many aspects. Our motive is to create an ad that gets the customer to take action and click on your advertisement.


We define your goals by updating the PPC campaigns, landing pages, and also modify the keywords from time to time. We do so after constantly evaluating what benefits you the most and is also relevant to the customer. Landing pages are essential for making your PPC campaign a success. We optimize the landing page keeping in mind the ease of solving questions for the customers. This will help increase traffic.


We also offer you penalty recovery services. These penalties imposed on you make your customers unable to find you. With the help of our penalty removing tools, we help your website in restoring the website traffic and also get a better ranking.


  • Keyword targeting
  • Bid management
  • Routine reporting
  • Optimized landing pages
  • Sales and traffic tracking
  • Monitoring PPC


For us, each of our customers is different in terms of strategy creation and type of business. Hence, we curate a different strategy for each of them. We believe that a mishandled or poorly created campaign will harm the brand image and sales of a firm.

Thus, we focus mainly on factors that are sought in the market. We put ourselves in the shoes of the customer and also keep in mind your budget and provide you with the right platform and strategy to incorporate as a marketing strategy.

We ensure that we do not make some mistakes that harm the business and also fail to yield the expected results from your investment in the PPC services. We optimize your ads and landing pages in such a way that it benefits your firm.

Our PPC marketing agency is based in Delhi NCR and we firmly believe that we are an agency that gives our clients a higher return on investment. This makes their investment in Google Ads pennyworth and gives them higher sales and brand recognition.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - PPC Services

One of the most effective forms of digital marketing, PPC is a form of marketing where the advertisers do not pay for the ad placement. But, they only need to pay if their ad is clicked upon. It is important as it guides the relevant and interested audience to your brand.

The visibility of your ad would begin from the first day. However, it would take a few months for the PPC campaign to be fully effective as it also requires constantly checking on the ad to check its efficiency and keep making changes.

There are several search engines available to us. These include Yahoo, Bing, Google, and many more. These are widely used all over the world and you can opt for any of them. However, among all these names, Google has the highest reach throughout the world.

There can be a rise in the cost-per-click due to competition for the same keywords by different marketers. This happens mostly during seasons or festivals where everybody is focusing on the same theme. For example, winters, Christmas, Diwali, etc.

PPC services are versatile. This is the reason why they play a critical role in digital marketing and are successful when used with any type of business. However, the campaign must be done well. PPC is also a great method for unique products to grow and get the attention of the customers.

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