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SEO Services

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  • June 12, 2020

Increase your online presence and more relevant traffic to your website with our Effective SEO Services.

We Optimise Your Website for Top Search Engine Ranking, Real Traffic & Sales Driven Leads.

Why You Need SEO Services For Your Website

SEO is an organic way of building organic traffic and increases online presence on your website. Whatever the size of your business, if you want to make waves in India and around the world, your site needs to be hundred percent optimized for search engines.

Search engine algorithms keep changing

One of the primary reasons why you need to consider hiring W3Champs because search engines algorithms keep changing.

SEO Services

If you wish to locate your website on the top of search engine results pages (SERP), you are probably in the right place! Our team of experienced SEO experts helps in getting a high amount of relevant traffic to websites for both startups and growing businesses.

Get Your Website Optimised!

We ensure to provide authentic website solutions with top-notch content quality and effective marketing strategies that will help you grows your business and elevate your brand awareness. We believe in serving business with a wide professional online presence and consistently generating massive leads. Our unwavering dedication and patience will help you in fulfilling marketing goals and creating user-friendly websites that rank high in organic search engines.


We are evidently delivering position one rankings that result in a high number of relevant leads for our clients.

Performance Tracking

We update our clients through our monthly performance reports to give them a good understanding of the insight. We ensure complete transparency to our clients and allow them to monitor the progress of their project and seek changes if required. This helps our clients to analyze the project in detail.

Highly Skilled Team

Our proficient SEO experts are fully aware of all the major digital marketing trends. We help businesses to generate leads with our effective marketing strategies. We have a full power-packed team of Business Analysts, SEO Consultants, Digital Marketers, Web Designers & Developers to fully understand the business objectives and goals.

Easy Communication

Customer satisfaction is our primary goal. Our team ensures to make a healthy relationship with our clients with proper communication. We provide 24×7 customer support, Our Support Team and Project Manager are always available during working hours. Thus it helps our clients to have a better understanding of the project.

Cost-Effective Model

We provide relevant SEO solutions to our clients to provide 100% satisfaction. We ensure that our clients get a high return on investment as our team of SEO experts offers cost-effective and profit-driven internet marketing strategies to our clients.

Know how our Search Engine Optimization Services will help you scale your business!
Our SEO services can help you built your business and receive remarkable results. Every business has a target market that demands relevant content, we help our clients know how to engage with the customers and give them what they are looking for by providing your website with organic search engine visibility to promote your business.

Boosts Inbound Traffic

Search Engine Optimization ensures that your website gets “relevant traffic”, as it plays a major role in increasing the conversion rate. We help our clients in growing business effectively as we focus on various marketing strategies, to increase your sales rate and reach. However, even if it’s a new start-up, Our SEO solutions help the website in running advertisements, working on the marketing processes, and making people know about your business. We help built refined content for your website to attract the most trusted search engine like Google, Bing, etc. so that your website be highly visible and popular among the public.

Draws Customers Attention

SEO improves your website and make it appealing to customers. We ensure to make your website a larger customer base, not by printing flyers or filming a commercial advertisement but through a strong SEO strategy. We help in bringing a consistent flow of active customers to your website to get more sales by making your website well-structured and informative. Our SEO solutions help increase the chances of more people going through your buying cycle, by making your website optimized to valid keywords.

Build Trust & Credibility

Customers are made to believe that credibility is related to search engine ranking as the first page of the search engine consists of the most credible businesses and others are less effective for them. Our SEO solutions will increase your credibility and lead customers and clients to built trust. We use some effective elements like Quality Backlink Profiles, Positive User Behavior, Keywords, Length of the content, Image Optimization, etc to establish effective user experience and easy access for the websites, this directly helps our clients to built trust among users.

Cost-effective Marketing

Maybe your competitors have a strong budget to spend on marketing than yours, but we believe that a good SEO implementation will help shine your website with cost-effective marketing strategies. Our SEO experts ensure that you will have absolute control over your digital marketing budget and we will help you in getting relevant traffic to your website through social media postings, blog content writing, and adding some extra features, etc.

User-Friendly Platform

User-friendly treatment positively affects the conversion rate of websites. Our SEO solutions help websites to increase leads, bring more visitors, and give them a user-friendly experience as we built easy navigation, quick page response, etc to create interest in the website. We focus on some user-friendly factors like a secure and accessible website, mobile-friendly, page speed, links, real business information, and optimized content, etc help your business to grow among several strong competitors.

What We Serve – OUR EXPERTISE!

We promise to serve a well-structured website with user-centric content and top-notch quality. Our Result-Oriented SEO Services will help you built a website that is highly engaging and easy to navigate.

E-commerce SEO Services

We will help you enhance your E-commerce business by our user-centric SEO solutions. Our SEO experts with rich experience can help you drive growth and maximize your online searchability & visibility with a data-driven E-commerce SEO strategy. We help our clients to drive website traffic and sales by providing customers the ability to make purchases in confidence, helping them find their products, and securely completing the purchase in seconds.

Global SEO Services

If you are looking for the clients globally, we will optimize your website to search engines based on both factors; language and geo-targeting. Our SEO experts will help you target your clients across the globe with any language you desire to use for your business. We will help you in setting up an international SEO friendly URL structure to your website to bring relevant traffic and leads.

Local SEO Services

Our local SEO services will provide authenticity to your business as our SEO experts will provide dynamic content for your website, which will help you make your presence felt in the digital world. We will help you expand your business locally by getting the keywords set to your website, to help users find you. We deliver a highly engaging and fully secured website to our clients and help them in achieving business goals.

Link Building Services

We help businesses acquire backlinks through various link building activities like guest blogging, manual outreach, or broken link building, etc. to increase website traffic. We offer quality link building SEO services and focus on networking and researching the best potential backlinking opportunities for your website and help a website to rank higher in various search engines.

Our Approach for Search Engine Optimisation Process


Our Business Analyst specialists examine your existing website to identify business needs and ensures that business goals are fulfilled at the end. Our SEO experts analyze the marketplace of your business to get the right track for building a more focused SEO strategy.


We identify a group of keyword phrases to optimize your website for search engines. We ensure to find a good set of phrases that offer high usage by searchers and relatively low competition within search engines.


A thorough competitive analysis of the subject allows us to identify areas requiring priority in the subsequent work and provide us the finest optimization strategies that can beat all competition. We analyze our competitors by using a series of SEO metrics and focus on both online and offline competitors in the industry.


We analyze every phase of your website from on-page SEO to Off-page SEO and technical SEO as well. Without on-page optimization, it might get difficult for your website to rank high even with the off-page optimization. All plans are essential and cover meta tags, content optimization, Image Alt tags, rich snippet, site load time, headings (h1, h2, etc), design consultation, and much more to make sure that your website is fast enough and user friendly.


It is one of the crucial phases of the Search Engines algorithms. We built high-quality backlinks; if needed we focus on image backlinks and text backlinks as well to make your website a trusted source of information. We apply the latest linkage strategies and built the high authority backlinks to your website with the help of broken link building, guest posting, blogger outreach, or social outlets, for organically improving your SEO.


We develop relevant content on your website. We use keyword-rich content and Latent semantic indexing keyword which will help your website to rank high on major search engines. We create weekly and monthly SEO reports, which help us to make better SEO strategy and keep a track of the performance of the website on search engines. We also provide reports to our clients to make them understand about the progress.


Pricing Plans


  • Up to 15 Keywords
  • 20%  On First Page
  • On Page & OFF Page SEO
  • Ranking & Reporting


  • Upto 40 Keywords
  • 30% on First Page
  • On Page & Off Page SEO
  • Ranking & Reporting
SEO Services

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